Nikolai Sammut is the founder of one of Europe’s leading ICT academies, ICE Malta, working with educational partners AWS, Adobe, Autodesk, Linux, Microsoft, CISCO, IAPP and The Digital Marketing Institute, among other prestigious brands, to deliver in-demand world-recognised courses which help talent become industry-ready.

“I am a regular contributor to a number of publications and local and international conferences and fora focused on education in the digital era, entrepreneurship, learning management systems and information technology. I have mentored numerous start-up companies and young entrepreneurs,” he points out.

Mr Sammut is also the co-founder of TheStudentCampus, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company bringing together K12 and higher education world class professionals and academics who have joined forces to build a unique, intuitive platform which positions students at the heart of the educational arena.

In 2017, TheStudentCampus won 'Malta's Best Tech Startup' award by the Malta Communications Authority.

Mr Sammut holds a BSc (Hons) Degree in Internet Application Development from the University of Middlesex.

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