Before joining Mizzi Organisation in the early 1964, Maurice Mizzi practised as a Legal Procurator in the Maltese law courts.

“I am President of Mizzi Organisation, Managing Director of Continental Cars Ltd, Managing Director of Titan International Ltd, Director of Mizzi Motors Ltd, Director of General Soft Drinks Co. Ltd, Director of Mizzi Estates Ltd, Director of Arkadia Ltd and Suq tal-Belt, Director of the Waterfront Hotel, Chairman of Mizzi Associated Enterprises and Director of BNF Bank plc,” he says.

The Mizzi Organisation is a conglomerate of business units spanning a broad portfolio of business interests and industry sectors including automotive, tourism and leisure, manufacturing, services, real estate and mechanical and engineering contracting.

It consists of four main groups of companies which control several operational subsidiaries in a diverse range of economic activities and two other operational companies.

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