Intercultural Counselling & Competence Development Ltd was founded by Maria-Gabriele Doublesin, a multi-lingual German-born Maltese citizen who lived most of her life in countries with cultures very different from her own.

“Business is not only about selling your product. Business is about people, their stories and their interactions. Intercultural competencies go far beyond simply avoiding stereotyping and exposing internalised bias. Intercultural competencies can be far more practical. They are basic re-engineering tools for every business, even a local one because wherever there are people, there are differences,” she says.

Over 30 years of practical experience of working in the Middle East, South America and European countries as well as for Maltese companies and NGOs gave her a good understanding of both challenges and opportunities on the road ahead.

“This, combined with my academic background in psychology and intercultural counselling, shaped my know-how, which I am now using to help Maltese and international organisations and businesses to review their vision and adjust their strategies as well as their internal and external interactions,” Ms Doublesin adds.

She specialised in issues pertaining to social and cultural adjustment at the work place and in society. In aid of social change and the development of new professional competitive advantage, she is offering custom designed cutting-edge training modules for enhancement of community cohesion and internationalisation of the local corporate sector.

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