Having a long-standing experience in engineering and manufacturing operations within the semiconductor industry, Laurent Filipozzi has worked in this “truly global” industry in France, his home country, Singapore and, since 2020, in Malta.

“My passion for the semiconductor industry stems from the positive impact technology brings to people’s lives: it solves problems, including in challenging social and environmental aspects. Think about electric vehicles, smartphones and other communication devices, more energy-efficient industrial systems, all of this is enabled by semiconductors,” he says.

The plant (or a 'fab' as referred to within the industry) he manages in Malta is focused on the final stage of chip manufacturing: testing and assembly into various packages depending on the application (the package and constraints for a processor going into an EV and a motion sensor going into a smartphone are different).

It belongs to STMicroelectronics’ global network of 13 manufacturing sites in France, Italy, Morocco, Singapore, China, Malaysia and the Philippines. ST is an integrated device manufacturer which means the vast majority of what it sells is manufactured in its own plants, a key asset for customers.

“My focus at the Kirkop plant is to lead and support the implementation of advanced manufacturing processes, often called 'Industry 4.0', into a high-volume, high-tech, 24/7 manufacturing operation. It’s about engineering, certainly, but also about people working together towards a common goal,” Mr Filipozzi explains.

Get in touch: laurent.filipozzi@st.com

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