As Finance Manager of Medelec Switchgear Ltd, a post he was appointed to in 2014, Joseph M. Bezzina is responsible for the overall financial matters of the company.

“During my time with Medelec, which I joined in 1981, I accumulated a wealth of experience in the finance industry and in conducting business with financial institutions and large corporations both local and foreign. All this makes me well versed in modern financial systems for the better management of commercial entities’ funds,” he explains.

Medelec Switchgear Ltd. was founded in 1977 and started its primary operations as an assembly plant for distribution switchgear and transformers under licence from GEC of England.

Since commencing operations, Medelec grew and expanded its activities, investing heavily in plant equipment and human resource development to become a leading key player in the North African market.

The company has delivered an extensive range of products ranging from MV switchgear to compact substations, control and protection panels incorporating the latest digital technology for new for existing substations or as replacements.

Throughout the years, Medelec has continued to serve the tradition Malta enjoys as a bridge between Europe and Africa and has, in fact, successfully delivered numerous projects to North African countries, such as Libya and Tunis, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen and Jordan among others.

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