“Time being our most precious resource, I set my sights on using my knowledge and expertise to help people make optimum use of it,” Jonathan Mifsud, who holds a Master’s Degree in Intelligent Computer Systems, says.

With over 10 years of experience in software and leadership positions, "I constantly strive to help businesses advance to the next level," he shares. 

"Today, I bring this experience and knowledge from working with big brands such as Xero and BBC International into the cloud payroll software that I co-founded, Buddy. At Buddy, I have helped re-invent the payroll process for the digital era by introducing a number of innovations that have helped businesses shave hours from their payroll process."

Mr Mifsud strives to ensure that the company's customers can rely on its payroll software to operate efficiently and effectively through the use of available integrations with world-leading software, such as Xero, Deputy and Workforce providing a seamless data flow.

"Following Buddy’s growth in Malta, I’m now using my experience to drive our growth in the United Kingdom through strategic partnerships and software integrations with key partners."

Buddy Ltd is and HR and payroll solution provider. 

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