Jo Caruana is the Founder of Finesse Group - a global PR, content and training agency with clients all over the world. She is also Malta's only StoryBrand Certified marketer, bringing this unique American communications framework to the island.

“Every part of the Finesse Group is dedicated to finessing a different aspect of yours. We bring together decades of experience in PR and events, content curation, messaging, business etiquette, online learning, and customer care excellence,” she tells

Jo is proud to help companies curate all aspects of their customer journey – from their marketing, PR and communications, to their business etiquette, client interaction processes, cross-cultural intelligence, and sales language.

“From targeted campaigns that boost your exposure, to the complete transformation of your customer journey, we are the outside eye you need to make the best impression every time.”

The Group unites Finesse Content and Digital, Finesse PR and Events, Finesse Consulta, Finesse Media, and Finesse Learning.

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Get in touch: [email protected]

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