Jesmond Darmanin has always considered himself to be a tech-person at heart, constantly seeking ways to innovate and utilise technology to get things done better and faster.

He began his career in IT training, which gave him invaluable experience in effective and simple (jargon-free) communication.

After that, he moved to an IT focused marketing role with an American software company.

“This role exposed me to the latest and most cutting-edge online marketing techniques and afforded me vast international exposure into working with international teams and launching marketing campaigns hitting a worldwide audience.”

All this experience led Mr Darmanin to build Storm Design, a media, branding and marketing strategy business.

“Through these 20+ years in business, I handle all sorts of web projects, marketing strategy and branding. Over the last few years, I have also been mentoring start-up founders to help them set up, run and grow their businesses, which is an area I am very passionate about.”

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