An economist by training, having studied at the Bocconi University and served with Amagis Capital and EY, Francesco Vauban is a start-upper by experience, having worked for Savvy Piggy, Mizar & Alcor and Marco Dell’Omo.

“I navigate in the realm of lean feedback loops to accelerate opportunities and growth. Much like a Swiss knife, I can quickly adapt due to my versatile background in hedge fund strategies, structuring, administration and compliance,” he says about himself.

The young entrepreneur admits he is not scared by mistakes, arguing that they always serve to be a learning experience

Mr Vauban now optimises operational processes with Consolidity thanks to robotic process automation and data handling.

Consolidity is a revolutionary digital back office system that aims to change the way companies deal with tasks that require a massive amount of paperwork. Its various components cover all phases of manual administration with tools of higher standards and efficiency. It is borderless, not dependant on local jurisdictions and language and can be 100 per cent paperless.

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