“As in art,” Felipe Navarro says, “we need to have a humble approach to confront situations and we always need to be ready to listen and learn in order to help. Always give enough time to observe and understand before reacting and deciding; this works with leadership.”

He considers the value of mentorship over competition, not only as a mentor but also as a mentee. “All the successful people out there should make it a point to remain humble and to keep learning. I am already in a reverse mentoring programme in the company; some youngsters are mentoring me to find out more about my behaviour in social networks and how to improve profiles,” Mr Navarro remarks.

In his view, there is more to education than studying. It is important to ask questions, not only to receive information because is only when asking the right questions that one is entitled to be considered a good professional, he argues.

In one’s professional life, one will find that never saying no to new experiences would have played a crucial part in one’s success, Mr Navarro points out.

MAPFRE Middlesea plc, the leading insurance company in Malta and a member of the MAPFRE Group, is listed on the Malta Stock Exchange.

It is both a direct operating company and the holding company of MAPFRE Middlesea Group, the largest insurance group on the island, holding leadership positions in both the life and non-life market.

Mr Navarro's position as CEO of the company will come to an end in April 2021, and he will then assume the role of Assistant General Manager for Administration in MAPFRE Spain.

Get in touch: mapfre@middlesea.com

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