Edward Agius has been working in the property industry since 1999, when he started his journey in real estate in a well-renowned agency as a Letting Specialist “with the trepidation one would expect when entering such a fast-paced market”. He was then promoted to Regional Letting Manager, when he built a large letting team.

“Following a long career in real estate,” he explains, “I had the necessary knowledge and experience and decided to take up another journey with QuickLets - the largest letting agency in Malta, in January 2022 and joined the group as Head of Letting. For one year, I, jointly and together with all the team at QuickLets, created goals for the company and supported all franchise owners, managers and specialists in reaching their goals.”

In January, 2023, Mr Agius was promoted to a new role within the QLZH Group, that of Head of Business Development. “With my vast network and respect in the real estate sector, the group believed that my experience, knowledge and leadership skills will translate well in this new position,” he asserts.

The new role entails giving his contribution to all the brands within the group, including Zanzi Homes - sales, QuickLets - for letting and QLC - for commercial sales and letting. His main responsibilities also include building relationships with customers and potential franchise owners. Mr Agius also evaluate existing partnerships and sales/letting efforts for both residential and commercial properties, with an eye towards building on what works and changing what does not.

“I carry out business strategies for the group as a whole that are in line with the organisational objectives,” he says.

Get in touch: edwardagius@quicklets.com.mt

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