As a multi-award-winning entrepreneur from Malta, with a track record of established and successful businesses, Alan Cini also acts as an adviser to budding startups and leading multi-national organisations. As the Founder and Managing Director of RS Group, Rocksteady Digital, and Broadwing Recruitment, he has aimed for and achieved success in business leadership.

Knowing the mechanics required to create a robust technology and web infrastructure, he offers a vast amount of experience in concept creation, growth strategies, marketing, branding, and creative design, all the while being fully equipped to drive business growth and build winning teams.

"Paving the way for efficient, technology-driven solutions, I lead both my founding enterprises as memorable contenders that hold their own against a nationally saturated market, in an ever-growing digital landscape.

"Having worked in the recruitment industry for more than a decade, I understood the need for digitising the recruitment process and being the innovator in online recruitment in Malta and Europe. Delving into the ways in which technology is shaping the employment industry, I believe that implementing technology has never been more critical to success. More than just a luxury, agencies that do not take advantage of technology are at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to delivering a remarkable candidate and client experience."

Alan started his career as a software engineer and says that he was never averse to a new challenge. "Throughout my career, I developed a deep understanding of corporate and business strategy, as my previous engagements required me to become a hybrid and adapt to rapid changes, while quickly absorbing new ideas and concepts, in order to develop innovative and creative solutions to problems."

Alan tells that he enjoys being part of a productive and successful team, bringing to the table energy and drive - encouraging others to step out of their comfort zone and risk ‘failure’ to follow their dreams.

Alan Cini’s motto: “Implementing technology has never been more critical to success”

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