Alan Cini

Business & Startup Advisor, Founder, Managing Director at Rocksteady Digital Agency Ltd, Broadwing Ltd and Muovo Malta

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"Implementing technology has never been more critical to success"

Business Profile

I am a business and industry advisor specialising in growth strategies and maximising return on investment (ROI). I act as a visionary for budding startups, SMEs, and leading multi-national organisations. My success in entrepreneurship, business leadership, and strategy is exemplified through my expertise in information and communication technologies, driving the development and expansion of various projects and identifying opportunities for wider adoption in the digital landscape.

I am an expert in technology-driven solutions that empower the optimisation of business processes through big data, digital transformation, and an approach that embraces innovation.

My hands-on experience and management in marketing encompasses a multifaceted skill set that extends across various strategic domains. This enables effective promotion of various disciplines through awareness campaigns, creative advertising, and brand building for both consumers and businesses. Knowing the mechanics required to create a robust web and digital marketing strategy, I lead my founding enterprises as memorable contenders that hold their own against a nationally saturated market.

Over the course of my professional journey, I have developed a deep understanding of corporate business structures, policies, and procedures, as my engagements required me to adapt to rapid changes in various organisational and back-office activities. With a background in human resources and recruitment, I attract talented professionals to the respective industries and sectors, assembling skilled teams for project execution and delivery.

I offer guidance, industry insights, and support for the transition to the digital economy, making me a valuable resource in the online services domain.

Business Activities

  • 2015-Present: Owner, RS Group Ltd
  • 2015-Present: Co-Founder, Managing Director, Rocksteady Digital Agency Ltd
  • 2018-Present: Co-Founder, Managing Director, Broadwing Ltd
  • 2019-Present: Managing Director, Muovo Malta
  • 2023-Present: Strategic Business Partner, SOLARVISION Energy
  • 2023-Present: Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer, maGilla Technology



    • BSc (Hons) in Software Development – Distinction, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft


    • 2013-Present: Public Relations, Overseas RUFC
    • 2016-2018: Public Relations, Malta Male Testicular Cancer Awareness
    • 2016-2018: Public Relations, Malta Guide Dog Foundation
    • 2019-Present: Public Relations, Malta Rugby Football Union

    Official Partners

    • Trade Malta
    • Fino
    • GO Business
    • Imovo
    • Malta Enterprise
    • WFDM
    • St James Hospital
    • Harvest
    • Dea Aesthetics
    • Intercomp
    • European Commission
    • Malta Business Registry
    • CF Estates
    • Agilis
    • ICON
    • Agora
    • Bureau Vallee
    • Apex Group Ltd
    • Exereco
    • Arkafort
    • Excel Homes
    • Lidion Bank
    • Melita Marine
    • TNT
    • Laferla
    • FCM Bank
    • Hi-Care Services