An APS Bank initiative called the network transformation programme, launched some years back, has reached Zejtun.

The branch now boasts a modernised premises offering a “more contemporary retail environment and a significantly enhanced customer experience re-opened its doors to the public,” the bank told its clients.

A whole new floor has been added to the current premises, doubling the previous footprint to 247 sqm.

APS Bank Zejtun

This permitted the private meeting rooms to be increased from two to six and the addition of a boardroom. The revamped branch now sees customers being greeted in a good-sized lobby, with interactive desk and semi-private meeting rooms.

Anthony Buttigieg, Chief Banking Officer at APS Bank commented: “The increased facilities and improved services at this important branch go a long way in reaching out to our enlarged customer base in this part of Malta.

“We are confident that the investment will continue making the banking experience simpler and more personal, in line with our community identity.”

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