When Marketing Consultant Johann Agius was laid off shortly before the end of 2022, he was “terrified” of what may be ahead.

However, ever since he shared the news that he would start to work freelance, he has shed his fears and is now looking ahead with positive determination.

Taking to LinkedIn to share the latest stage of his journey, Mr Agius said it has been six weeks since he was laid off and only one week since he announced he would start offering his services on a freelance basis.

Almost immediately, he “secured interest from multiple clients from various industries who are leading cool brands, that they created themselves, with genuine love and passion.”

“The meetings haven't stopped and many people already want to collaborate with me, one on one.”

“I can't believe this might actually work,” he said.

Mr Agius even outlined his process: “It went something like this: [I] compiled a portfolio showcasing the 40+ brands I've already worked with through past roles.”

“Summarised my modus operandi, services, rates and ultimate aims in one document that potential clients could easily refer to.”

And “dedicated time to meet each potential lead in person”.

He said he received a lot of encouragement to take this step, and thanked every person who “listened to my anxious ramblings and provided me great advice”.

Mr Agius was a long time employee of leading marketing firm BRND WGN, from 2016 to 2021.

From there, he moved to jewellery firm MVintage, where he played a role in the launch of the company’s “little sister” brand Ċikka, which targets a younger demographic.

Shortly before announcing his new freelance role, he noted that he probably learned more about himself in his one month of unemployment than in the “other 28 years that I've been alive”.

“I'm anxious, yet excited. I'm terrified, yet at ease. I'm exhausted, yet inspired,” he wrote.

“Never underestimate the power of stopping, recharging and restarting.”

Admitting that he is “terrified of the upcoming unknown”, he also stressed that is “very determined”.

“The festive period turned out to be the perfect opportunity for me to recharge, reassess and rethink. So I've decided to take my time in deciding on where I want to go next, taking all possibilities into proper consideration.”

He said that he was taking the unexpected lay off as “yet another transitional phase in my career, even if it's relatively unconventional and inconvenient”.

“It's finally the right time to step out of my comfort zone, for real.”

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