ARQ Group has announced Ramona Galea as Director of its People and Performance department, a newly launched service line aimed at offering a full suite of services to clients who want to build, reshape, or strengthen their human capital function.

This new service emerges from Ms Galea’s enthusiasm and experience over several years in leading the HR function of a diverse range of organisations. The service “brings to fruition her growing desire to be able to support other entities in managing what is clearly their most important resource, their people.”

With companies of all sizes operating in every type of industry struggling to retain their best resources and combating the pains of increased HR and recruitment costs, ARQ is keen to be part of the project that sees these organisations flourish through the wellbeing of their people.
“Undoubtedly, performance growth is dependent on employee stability and a sound people strategy,” ARQ comments.

This is the reason why ARQ’s new service offering is centred around the provision of strategic HR advisory services across every HR pillar.

The firm will assist clients in organisational alignment, the development and management of their HR strategy, change management, cost efficiency strategies and the effective management of the complete employee lifecycle, placing the people at the centre of the way a company operates. It will also offer support to smaller organisations that do not have a dedicated HR function through the provision of managed services.

The People and Performance service line sits alongside ARQ Educate in the suite of services designed to enhance individual and organisational performance. Under Ms Galea’s stewardship, ARQ’s educational platform will offer a blend of online and face-to-face training programmes for personal and professional development, going well beyond the basic corporate training needs.

Offering tailor-made solutions designed exclusively according to client-specific requirements as well as expert-led world class masterclasses and workshops, ARQ Educate is set to become a leading corporate training partner in Malta.

In the coming months, other roundtables will be launched on the same lines as the popular ARQ MLRO Masterclass and the Gaming Compliance Forum.

ARQ Educate will also be launching a number of online courses on its learning management system in risk management, data protection, cybersecurity and other essential subjects for employee continuous development.

Additionally, in her new role as director of ARQ Advisory Limited, Ms Galea will be playing a pivotal role in crafting training solutions with clients, fostering a culture of continuous learning and unlocking the full potential of employees to thrive in today’s evolving business landscape. Besides leading the HR advisory and training arms, she will also continue to oversee the Group’s internal HR function, being a key influencer in ensuring strategic alignment and effectively adapting to evolving business needs and workforce trends.

“Forming an integral part of the ARQ Group leadership team with a deep understanding of human capital management, Ms Galea will be instrumental in ARQ’s next phase of growth as it broadens its portfolio of services,” ARQ’s Managing Partner, Manfred Galdes, says.  

He notes that Ms Galea brings “a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success into this new role,” in addition to “a strong blend of leadership, strategic vision, and an unwavering commitment to operational excellence.”

“Our clients are already excited not just because we can also be their strategic partners in this area, but because we will be doing so with one of the most accomplished professionals in the field”, he continues.  

He also highlights that “this appointment is yet again further testimony of our investment in the professional development of our own employees and our proven commitment to empower them to achieve personal goals and reach new professional heights.”

Meanwhile, Ms Galea remarks that she is thrilled to take on a new challenge and is also excited to work closely with the group’s executive team and its employees to drive ARQ Group’s continued success.

“As strategic partners to our clients, we work collaboratively to co-create and implement solutions for meaningful impact to align HR best practices with business objectives for sustainable growth and long-term success.”

To learn more about how our strategic HR advisors can help your organisation and HR leaders thrive in today’s competitive and ever-changing landscape, reach out to us on [email protected].

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