The reality of the current and future business landscape is one of rapid change and radical technological evolution. It is estimated that technological advancement over the next ten years will be equal to that of the last hundred.

The future of work and organisations is destined to become increasingly automated and driven by artificial intelligence. However, the human dimensions of values, inspiration, emotional connection, relationships, motivation, sense of belonging, and the need for meaning and purpose, will remain critical for success and wellbeing. While change is accelerating, our ability to adapt and navigate constant uncertainty is going to be essential. The human competencies related to deep communication, meaningful connection, trusting relationships, and group collaboration, might be the hardest to achieve, yet essential and fundamental for us to thrive in a changing environment.

This is what inspired the PsyPotential team to develop a service cluster that addresses this fundamental need.

PsyPotential is a purpose-driven company with a mission to develop people, especially leaders, to shape the future of their organisations by taking on challenges and opportunities brought about by the accelerated technological, social, and economic change. Over the years, PsyPotential's team of professionals, qualified and experienced in business and psychology, have developed and delivered cutting-edge bespoke solutions in human factors to multiple cross-industry businesses.

One of the core services offered by PsyPotential is leadership development. In a business environment where employee engagement and retention are serious challenges, effective leadership plays a key role in attracting and retaining talent. While technical and commercial competencies remain important, the leaders of today and tomorrow need to develop high levels of emotional intelligence, adaptability, and resilience. These are competencies which can be learned and developed with training and coaching support.

PsyPotential’s philosophy of leadership development is based on a coach approach to leadership rooted in a collaborative leadership style that empowers and inspires and encourages people to grow. To complement their leadership development programmes PsyPotential also provides a Corporate Wellness Programme that takes a holistic approach to wellbeing, integrating it in the leadership practices, human resources policies, and all the structures of the organisation.

The PsyPotential team also provides a comprehensive psychometric testing service line. They are licensed in a wide spectrum of assessments which can be used to support recruitment processes, coaching and talent management, enabling candidates, organisations, and employees to gain insight into behavioural traits and competencies which may otherwise remain unknown. A recent certification the team acquired was in the area of Adaptability Quotient (AQ), which helps identify levels of adaptability and change readiness in individuals and teams. It is an excellent coaching and training resource for supporting organisations to navigate change effectively.

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Besides offering a wide range of customised professional development programmes in the area of social and psychological skills for workplace success, the team also provides strategic organisational consultancy. They have developed a unique process for senior leadership teams called L-TAP © (Leadership Team Alignment Process). The process guides leadership teams in achieving alignment to the purpose, values, strategy, structures, competencies, and actions of the team. This is a very powerful process that has an immense positive impact on the entire organisation. PsyPotential’s team has also developed a unique product called Values Infusion Process (VIP). This process focuses on transforming conceptual values into operational values that translate into tangible behaviours that permeate the entire organisation.

PsyPotential’s team is deeply committed to continue enriching and supporting people and organisations by providing opportunities for deep personal and professional growth by tapping into the power of people’s strengths to help them actualize and maximise their potential while striving for business success.

Patrick Psaila is a warranted psychologist, executive coach and training consultant. He is Co-Director at PsyPotential Ltd, a company that specialises in human factors, leadership, and people development in organisations.

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