While Prohealth Ltd turned 25 last March, celebrating the milestone was off the cards due to the ongoing pandemic.

Despite this disruption, the company celebrated the achievement by going ahead with its rebranding exercise, and has now officially launched its new brand image.

Prohealth has developed from a small team importing and distributing pharmaceuticals and dermo-cosmetics in Malta, to one employing over 50 personnel locally and overseas, with additional overseas activity in Libya and other African markets.

The company’s portfolio now includes over 20 quality brands, with market leading brands and products within its Pharma and Dermo-Cosmetic business units, as well as in its younger Medical Devices division, now servicing public hospitals as well as the private market.

Prohealth’s new logo and brand image is a progressive play on its previous one, built upon the concept of change and development, while still emphasizing the element of recognition.

The Prohealth colours were retained, with the primary royal blue and secondary cyan colours fine-tuned to more classical and in-fashion tones.

These colours represent neutrality and positivity, the company said in a statement.

On this same note, its new brand mark, of two separate rings overlapping at the bottom and opening at the top, builds on this and is a symbol of unity and continuity, the company continued.

This convergence in the rings represents Prohealth’s main objectives and focus which remain that of the Maltese market.

The rings then open into two separate directions, representing the appetite for exploration of opportunities, yet still ultimately meeting back together again at the starting point.

In line with Prohealth’s values and beliefs, the tagline ‘Putting You First’ was chosen after internal consultation, with a representative group of employees from different departments.

Simply put, the tagline translates to always putting the patient, consumer and all our clients first and above everything else.

Prohealth’s new brand identity launch, coincides with its increasing focus on innovation and digitalisation, and with recent digital launches, namely the offer of Skin Care E-Consultations for consumers and Prohealth’s very own online store, shop.prohealth.com.mt, selling its iconic La Roche-Posay and Vichy brands, just launched in collaboration with local pharmacies this October.

Peter Apap, CEO and Co-Founder of Prohealth Ltd, said: “We never dreamt that 2020, our 25th Anniversary year, would be the year it has been for everyone! Nonetheless, we firmly believe, that times of crisis offer greater opportunities.

“Our decision to renew our brand identity to better reflect our values, together with our acceleration on digital innovation, and the introduction of fresh ideas across many projects, reaffirm this thinking.

“We are confident that despite the challenging market climate, thanks to the quality, drive and teamwork of our people across the company, Prohealth will be able to keep moving forward towards its 2025 strategic goals”.

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