Robert Zammit

Founder & CEO

Luxfair Group

Corporate Group of Companies
Corporate Group of Companies

Luxfair Group

Ta' Xbiex

"To get something you never had, you must do something you never did"

Business Profile

I was born in 1988 and started my first business at the tender age of 20, where I launched an advertising agency/production house. Within the first few months of operation, I secured a five year contract with Malta’s biggest station, which allowed the agency to make its presence known and felt in the advertising world. This company grew to the point where it was eventually sold off four years later. At age 24, I obtained my doctorate in Law at the University of Malta. At this time, I realised that there were only a few sectors in Malta that would satisfy my appetite for growth. Having graduated and hence having more time on my hands to work on the company, I started directing all my energy to property development. Partnering up with my father, who had years of experience in the industry, I reinvented my father’s company, taking over marketing, PR, stock selection and purchasing, setting up strategic partnerships with suppliers, both local and abroad, and putting in place SOPs which were previously nonexistent. This took the property development company to unprecedented heights, but this was not where I wanted to be. The vision of high quality homes lived on in my heart, so much so that I launched an up-market brand of high quality property development. Moving offices to Ta‘ Xbiex, and simultaneously acquiring the majority shareholding in a London-based real estate franchise, I ensured that Luxfair Realty Group secured its position as a versatile, multi faceted leader in the property development and real estate industry in Malta. The latest acquisition is of a building contractor company. This ensures that clients will have on time delivery of the properties being sold, apart from obviously offering the Group considerable savings on the cost of properties. For the future, I now plan to take the company international. Plans are already in play to make this a reality.

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