Prime Minister Robert Abela, together with Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development Minister Miriam Dalli, and Economy and Industry Minister Silvio Schembri, on Wednesday inaugurated the new AX Group Business Centre in Mosta.

It was noted that AX Group has diversified significantly, with successful ventures spread out across a number of industries.

According to information available on AX Group’s website, the organisation employs in excess of 1000 people, and specializes in four sectors: construction, development, hospitality and care.

In a Government press release announcing the Prime Minister’s inauguration of the Business Centre, it was noted that due to AX Group’s rapid expansion, the organisation’s leadership team implemented a strategy which led to the opening of its centralised Business Centre in Mosta, “fostering greater synergy among the entire Group”.

Prime Minister Robert Abela remarked that the resilience shown by the private sector over these months is unprecedented.

“AX Group, together with several other investors were and remain the leading engine behind Malta’s economy – investors who strengthen my resolve to see that as a Government we continue to facilitate such activity resulting in confidence and incentives which serve to strengthen investment in Malta,” Dr Abela said.


Prime Minister Robert Abela also noted the change in mindset as to how developments such as the newly built Business Centre are being built with environmental concerns in mind.

He remarked that one of the biggest challenges facing Malta in the coming years is climate change, which is why the Government is aiming for Malta to be carbon neutral by 2050.

AX Group founder Angelo Xuereb said that today’s inauguration fills him with a sense of courage for the future, as well as a sense of nostalgia for him, his family and staff forming part of the Group which has a 45-year history.

He said from small offices in his personal residence to the inauguration part of a project which will eventually exceed €12 million in value.

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