Next week, Idea Academy is hosting a free webinar aimed at non-technical persons to explore the practical applications of Artificial Intelligence in businesses.

Called “Demystifying AI in Business: Practical Applications Beyond the Hype”, the webinar will be delivered by Alexei De Bono, director at Idea intelligence, on 4th May, at 6pm.


This is needed, the organisation says, because “there is a clear link between an organisation’s revenue growth and its AI maturity, surveys agree.”

“Yet nearly half of companies do not understand how Artificial Intelligence can help them. No longer a buzzword, AI is delivering results when it comes to reducing costs, automated processes and tasks, boosting productivity, and increasing revenue,” it adds.

Mr De Bono plans to cut through the noise to separate myths from reality, and explain what AI realistically can – and cannot – do. Targeting executives, managers, decision makers, consultants and planners, this webinar will aim to help those that tune in spot opportunities to apply AI to problems within their own organisations.

Using “simple words free from technical jargon,” he will provide practical and concrete examples of how AI can be applied to industries such as HR, Manufacturing, Gaming, Insurance, Healthcare and others.

Interested readers can register to attend online.

Initially founded in 2005 as Idea Leadership and Management Institute, Idea Academy has evolved into one of Malta’s leading private higher education institutions accredited by the Malta Further and Higher Education Institution.

The Academy offers a selection of bespoke, accredited programmes in a variety of fields, from certificate level right up to Master’s level, providing quality, industry-driven education to adult students who are already seasoned practitioners and professionals.

More information can be found on the company’s website.

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