Maria Galea and Fabianne Galea are both cofounders of BeeSmart Childcare Centre and Kindergarten, and count the handling of management duties as well as business administration among their top strengths.

Maria graduated in Business Management at the University of Malta while Fabianne achieved Level 5 specifically in Management of Child Care facilities. 

The business is a limited company and is set-up and managed by both partners.

Maria holds overall responsibility for the operations and financial administration functions at BeeSmart Childcare Centre, while Fabianne oversees the daily running of the centre by managing emergent curriculum, monitoring children's development, meeting with parents and supporting all employees.

BeeSmart Childcare Centre and Kindergarten is situated in Santa Venera and is conveniently located close to major businesses and employment hubs. The centre's objective is to provide childcare and kindergarten service in a loving, safe and educational environment whilst catering for individual needs. BeeSmart aims to deliver high quality day care to children to stimulate and enhance their emotional, social and educational development focusing on learning through play. 


“We’ve been trading in this sector since December 2012 and we are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year,” Maria and Fabianne excitedly reveal ahead of this landmark milestone.

“BeeSmart childcare centre and Kindergarten has been successful throughout the ten years of operation and has been proudly managed to accomplish various successful results throughout our career.

“We compliment each other in so many ways, our management styles vary from one another however by knowing our weaknesses and strengths we believe we managed to move forward towards a common vision.”

Turning to the successes achieved through the company’s team of dedicated workers, the pair continued: “This could not have been done without the help and support of all employees and we wouldn’t have been able to achieve such status. We nourished a culture whereby the place of work is like their second home.

“We believe it is very important that our employees are continuously motivated and supported in many ways. We are more like friends than their bosses. In fact, for our 10th anniversary, we thought it would be a lovely idea to celebrate with them, so we are rewarding all employees with a weekend break in Rome.


“This will be a great bonus for all employees to thank them for their hard work, commitment and dedication. It is also an opportunity to get to know the team better outside the work environment and build a greater bond between us.

“Obviously like every other business we have our challenges, but we always manage to overcome them together.”  

Both Maria and Fabianne continue to believe in themselves together with their strong team which they describe as the first secret of success.

“It is important for all children in BeeSmart’s care to grow up in a family environment. This will help them to seek out better relationships, have better communication and social skills, are better prepared for school, and helps them get ready to experience success in their lives. Having an approachable relationship helps parents to build trust in the centre whilst putting their mind at rest whilst at work.”

Determination is the key to success, Maria and Fabianne attest, adding that they like to stay focused and determined to move forward to achieve their goals. Another goal established by the team on a yearly basis which is close to their heart is to support others in need. 

BeeSmart childcare centre & Kindergarten hosts plenty of events throughout the year in which all funds raised are donated to organizations such as; Malta Community Chest Fund, Id-Dar tal-Providenza, Puttinu Cares, Inspire, Karl Vella Foundation, ALS Malta, Richmond Foundation & Parents’ Autism Association!

Over the past nine years BeeSmart has raised over €15,000 in aid of vulnerable groups.

Not only, parents and children engage in these very special events and activities at BeeSmart to have fun, learn and strengthen their relationships. Thanks to community involvement these fundraisers become a reality with many families making their lavish donations. Some of the events went from celebrating National Hat day to Valentine and Christmas online bazaar. Other events included Pygama Day, delicious national food days, various kids’ parties and a water football tournament! We are very thankful to all the families who contributed to these fruitful events, as well as all members of staff for their constant loyalty.

Both Maria and Fabianne continue to believe in themselves by working successfully together with their strong team towards their mutual goals. They both confirmed that this has been a wonderful journey and they look forward to upcoming years to continue to observe children grow through play and to continue to extend their family unit in both childcare and kindergarten.

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