Architecture and design are - and always have been - a touchy topic. Whether you carry a passion for the subject or are uninterested - you certainly have a feel for what you like and dislike - whether it’s modern, contemporary, minimalist, industrial, traditional or transitional.

The Malta Architecture and Spatial Planning (MASP) Awards allow you to have your say and cast your vote for the projects you think deserve recognition in this year’s edition. You have until 12th March 2023 to make sure your vote counts! The online process is simple – just click here.  

This MASP Awards, which is a Planning Authority initiative, and falls under the Patronage of the President of Malta, is dedicated to celebrating and honouring architecture and design firms that are at the forefront of inspirational and innovative projects.  

This year, the Authority received over 100 entries spread over 12 categories from well-established architectural and design firms and the upcoming generation of Perit and interior designers.

Your opinion counts! Not only is the voting period a way for you to enjoy a great deal of amazing local architecture and design work, but you have a say as to which architectural firm, design studio or architecture student will take home the ‘Public Vote award’!

The Planning Authority is inviting you to see all these projects with fresh eyes and an open mind. It doesn’t matter who designed them or where they’re located. Ask yourself: Does this project inspire me? Does it add quality value to its surrounding environment? If so, vote for it so that Malta’s best architecture and design projects for 2022, created by gifted architects and designers, can be showcased.

The project which receives the highest number of votes will be awarded the Public Vote honour. The public vote is separate from the main MASP Awards 2022 judging process, in which professional judges and technical experts assess entries. The award ceremony is being held in April.

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