There’s no doubt that Halmann Vella is a household name in all things construction and finishes locally. Dedicated to impeccable quality, over the past 70 years Halmann Vella has managed to build a reputation for providing superior quality products and services which have assisted hobbyists and large-scale project managers alike.

Hence, for Halmann Vella Group, the next step was natural – HMV Supplies – a new concept retail outlet that closes the gap on all construction and home improvements needs.

Halmann Vella

“We identified a gap in the market and saw that while several shops supply a handful of specific quality products, the market was still missing a complete one-stop-shop experience that catered for all construction projects, independent of size, or nature,” says Owen Farrugia, CCO Halmann Vella Group.

“HMV Supplies is the first shop in Malta to offer all kinds of products needed in our sector, from tiles to sanitary ware, health and safety equipment, tools, tile trims, expansion joints, pebbles, natural stone, pre-cut tiles, pre-cut sills… you name it. Mainly, everything that one would need to finish a job from beginning to end,” Mr Farrugia claims.

What sets HMV Supplies apart from other retail outlets is that it offers the entire package. “This saves the customer a lot of time, driving around from one outlet to the next trying to find what they need. We decided to opt for a different concept of service from what we offer at the Halmann Vella showroom where we sell a complete range of products to start and complete a project. The concept at HMV Supplies is to reach out to an even wider clientele by providing a cash and carry service, on a supply only basis.”

And the availability of products is an important promise which HMV Supplies is taking very seriously.

“We all know how disappointing it is when, mid-project, we realise that we are missing some item or other, we go to an outlet to purchase it, and we are unceremoniously told that it needs to be ordered and need to wait for a few weeks or so for its delivery. At HMV Supplies this will not be an issue any longer.

“Our solemn promise is that every item which a customer finds on display, will always be in stock! We want to offer the client a no booking, no waiting service, whereby the client can purchase and take the product over the counter with no delay… unless they opt for the delivery of that product, as we provide that too,” Mr Farrugia explains.

HMV Supplies is aware of the frustrations which recent supply-chain interruptions have caused.

“This meant that we had an opportunity at hand – to pledge a guarantee of supply on products, when the market really needed it,” Mr Farrugia says. “So, we thought hard on how we can live up to this promise and through our procurement team, we can guarantee that our stores are well supplied with all the displayed products. We are very committed to this, and we can assure our clients that this strategy will continue to be our policy.”

“Our shop is exclusively and extensively equipped with items related to the tile and marble industry. It doesn’t matter whether you are installing tiles, stairs, marble or façades, at HMV Supplies you will find clips, tools, sand, cement, three-eights (⅜s) aggregate, glue, adhesives, chemicals, cleaning products, ceiling products, polishing products, and everything one needs to finish a job.”

Halmann Vella are well recognised for being the exclusive distributors of the best international brands, and the same applies to HMV Supplies.

In fact, the shop’s management stresses that customers will continue to find the best prices on the island for products supplied by reputable brands such as Alpi, Gedy, Weber, Profilitec, Kemistone, YYK and Bellinzoni, among others at HMV Supplies.

“Apart from being very centrally located in Mosta and close to most of the major projects currently in development, HMV Supplies promises a welcoming one-stop-shop which will always save customers time and hassle. Also, our knowledgeable sales team, led by Retail Manager Oliver Apap, has all the expertise to help clients find the best solutions, and give them sound advice about their projects,” Mr Farrugia notes.

Thanking the Vella family and Halmann Vella CEO, Kevin Rapinett, the CCO has a bold vision for this innovative business model:

“We would like to think of HMV Supplies as a meeting place for construction professionals and enthusiasts alike – where they can find the best solutions for their projects with the best quality services and products on the island,” Mr Farrugia concludes.

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