Malta’s Finance Minister Clyde Caruana has issued a bracing commendation of Malta’s handling of the pandemic, comparing its resilience to that witnessed during the Second World War: “Like in [the war] our country shone in the most difficult moments.”

Speaking during his unveiling of the Government’s Budget 2022, Minister Caruana reflected on the country and its leadership’s handing of the pandemic, saying the country has been led with sense and wisdom.

Turning to the Budget, which this year has a theme of ‘What country do you wish to leave for your children,’ he said: “We're not going to promise heaven on earth, but we promise to work with a sense of genuineness and determination to work towards making the Malta you want to leave to your children a reality.”

The Minister claimed that this Budget includes the largest number of social measures ever seen in a Budget.

This is the first Budget delivered by this Finance Minister, who was appointed to the position in November 2020.

Minister Caruana has enjoyed a fruitful career, having held the position of executive chairman at the state employment agency, JobsPlus, from 2014 and 2018. He is credited with being instrumental in the drafting of former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s national employment policy when he formed part of Active Labour Market Policy Counselling and Action Committee between May 2013 and April 2014.

Indeed, Minister Caruana is credited as the main driver to implement Dr Muscat’s labour policies and reforms, most notably related to free childcare, in-work benefits and others.

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DOI/ Jeremy Wonnacott

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