Following the latest COVID-19 restriction closing in-house dining at restaurants, snack bars and kiosks, Nationalist Party MEP and Vice-President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola has called for the public to show their support.

As COVID-19 daily transmission rates continue to spiral, the Government on Thursday issued a raft of new restrictions. With restaurants, snack bars and kiosks only permitted to serve take-aways and deliveries from 5th March until 11th April, several eateries have expressed anger at having to overhaul their operations overnight.

Reacting to the measure, Dr Metsola commented that the take-out and delivery model is now a “lifeline” to the sector.

“Those of you in a position to do so: Keep ordering, support local businesses, help dave jobs and livelihoods & always remember to tip your delivery driver,” she wrote on social media.

“Those restaurants who find themselves with excess stock: Consider donating it to a food bank or the charity food drive being organised.”

Just this morning, the Victory Kitchen, a charitable organisation providing hot meals to families and people in need, called on restaurants with excess stock due to the latest restriction not to throw any food, but to donate to the organisation. It is currently feeding around 2,000 people weekly.

“We are all in this together & We will get out of it together,” Dr Metsola wrote.

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