In today's dynamic business landscape, companies often face the challenge of finding the right talent to meet their operational needs. Whether in the hospitality, catering or health sectors, having the right staff plays a crucial part of the business model, requiring experience and a delicate attention to detail to get the right people on board. sat down with Aleksandar Marinkovic from Hi Care Services, a company specialising in both outsourcing and recruitment solutions, and who has already helped numerous businesses identify the ideal human resources for their operations, across a number of sectors.

“In a growing services-oriented economy, having the right people with the right expertise on board is more crucial than ever,” says Aleksandar, Founder and Managing Director at Hi Care Services. “Our commitment to our clients, is to offer the required consistency and customer-oriented approach to deliver a service that prioritises the satisfaction of both our clients as well as our employees.”

Hi-Care Services

Hi Care Services offers outsourcing solutions to companies, providing them with skilled employees who would not necessarily be on their payroll.

One of the advantages of outsourcing is that Hi Care handles all and any issues that may arise with the employees directly, ensuring a seamless operation for their clients. With some 70 individuals on their books, Hi Care provides the stability to employees who enjoy the full advantages of regular employment, while companies would make use of their services on an out-sourced basis.

“There are a number of reasons why a company could opt for this solution, which is growing in popularity. Out-sourcing of staff offers a number of advantages to businesses, among which the expedited process with which we operate. Companies would be saved the long and laborious recruitment process, as they are fast-tracked to having their staff on board in a relatively short period of time. This also gives them the opportunity to test the waters before recruiting someone permanently, something which is extremely valuable for any operation.”

Companies sometimes like their staff so much that they would want them employed directly, making sure to secure their services within their employment. “We are pleased to note that often times, companies reach out to employ team members, we would have put them in contact with, thus closing the circle. This is naturally a happy moment for us, as our employees would have made an impact with their employers. It is a win-win situation for everyone: employee, company, as well as Hi Care services,” Aleksandar explains.

Hi Care Services, also provides direct recruitment services, helping companies bring the right talent directly on board – a task which can grow rapidly challenging when companies require specific roles, that require a certain technical knowledge.


“The more specific the request is, naturally the more difficult it becomes to identify the right person for the job,” Aleksandar continues. “We have helped clients find stuff in the fields of IT, accountancy, and other technical areas. In each case we appreciate the opportunity to understand what our client’s needs are, and also use our vast experience in the recruitment business, to start a conversation on how best to reach their desired goal.”

In fact, Hi Care Services employs a team of eight professionals, who are trained and dedicated to finding the right person for each job. However, recruiting suitable candidates isn't without its challenges.

Beyond experience, availing of a wide pool of talent of Maltese, European and third-country nationals, Hi Care values attitude and cultural fit, aiming to foster a familial and positive atmosphere within each team. In each case, Hi Care is keen to meet each and every employee before they are proposed to their clients personally, to guarantee the highest level of service.

“We can offer our recruitment services for all positions, from employees on the entry-levels of the organigram, to high-skilled professionals in several fields. The challenge unfolds when the supply of talent is scarce, but our connections and experience in the industry allows us to provide our customers with the right solutions,” Aleksandar reassures.

For more info on Hi-Care's outsourcing services, click here, and for information on its recruitment services, click here.

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