HSBC Malta has provided €40,000 to support the Freshwater Crab project ran by Nature Trust – FEE Malta.

The three-year project aims to study the breeding habits of the freshwater crab (or Qabru) to address the possibility of breeding them should they ever fall in danger of extinction.

The crabs, which are endemic to Malta, have already experienced falling population numbers, and can be found in fewer and fewer locations on the islands.

The project will also assess the natural habitats of these crabs to identify threats and problems these habitats may be facing that may cause the disappearance of this species.

Addressing the launch of the project, HSBC Malta corporate sustainability manager, Glenn Bugeja commented, “thanks to the funding support of HSBC, the habitat of the freshwater crab was created in a lab at the Aquaculture Centre in Marsaxlokk.

“A number of recently born crabs were placed in this lab habitat under 24 hours monitoring, to study and observe their behaviour and breeding.

“This is being done in a scientific way, with the aim of having enough information to be able to breed this animal in case of any dangers of extinctions.” 

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LinkedIn/ Glenn Bugeja

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