The HSBC Malta Foundation has invested more than US$500,000 (€432,020) since 2018 to deliver the Bank’s global Future Skills Programme to more than 10,000 people in Malta and Gozo, it announced on Monday.

Through this programme, the HSBC Malta Foundation aims to support individuals from diverse backgrounds to develop the skills they need to find secure employment, particularly in emerging sectors such as the green and digital economies.

The eight programmes established thanks to the Foundation’s funding have reached a wide range of beneficiaries who have received financial capability education in order to become more employable.

The numerous organisations in Malta who have benefitted from the HSBC Future Skills Programme include the JAYE Foundation, Prince’s Trust International, the National Council of Women, the Malta Federation of Past Pupils of Don Bosco, Marija Regina College, the Malta Down Syndrome Association, the Science Centre Project, Business and Professional Women (Valletta) and the Malta Business Bureau.

Among the various projects, HSBC Malta hails the Prince’s Trust International’s Achieve programme which, since 2015, has helped hundreds of primary school children at risk of underachieving, as a particular stand-out success.

The scheme sees students build confidence and skills by working on hands-on projects and activities in small groups. In 2021, it proved particularly valuable, moving online during the pandemic to support 541 children in 39 different schools.

The past year also saw Maltese student Katriel Zahra become the first ever Prince’s Trust Global Award Regional Winner for Europe.

Caroline Buhagiar Klass, Head of Human Resources and Corporate Sustainability at HSBC Malta said: “The Future Skills Programme has had a significant impact in Malta becoming a key contributor to the upskilling of the country’s present day and future workforce.

"The HSBC Malta Foundation will continue to build on this valuable progress as part of its commitment to not only helping Malta succeed but doing so sustainably.”

HSBC Malta's Future Skills programme is part of HSBC's global scheme, which during the period 2018 to 2020, saw US$115 million (€99.37 million) invested, reaching more than four million people.

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HSBC Malta Future Skills Foundation (photo taken pre-COVID)

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