Hilary Galea-Lauri, KPMG Malta Partner and Country Head of Audit, announced on Friday (today) that he has stepped down as Head of Audit, after “an incredible journey, just short of 38 years”. 

It is understood that Mr Galea-Lauri is retiring as an official Partner with the firm but is engaged as a Principal.

Mr Galea-Lauri stated that today marked a turning point in his career as he hands over the role of Head of Audit to “highly capable leaders” who have been trained by the same Firm that has trained him.

Mr Galea-Lauri started his career working as a management accountant with a local group of companies engaged in a number of sectors. He joined KMPG in 1986 and was appointed Partner in 1998. He also spent some time working for KPMG in Italy, besides travelling overseas on ad-hoc client engagements.

“It is a proud moment to see that the future of audit function is in good hands, and I am confident that those succeeding me will take the function, and indeed the firm, to greater heights,” Mr Galea-Lauri added.

I leave behind me a partnership (of friends) with a solid strategic plan I had the privilege to contribute to, and I now look forward to witnessing that plan unfold as the years go by. I am grateful for the opportunity to have led such an amazing team and or the learning experiences that have shaped me into the professional I am today,"he added. 

Finally, he thanked his colleagues, clients and above all his late parents who gifted him the foundations of his education. “Here’s to a new chapter in my career, as it remains an evolving journey, and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.”

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