The launch of the second fibre optic link between Gozo and Malta was welcomed by the Gozo Business Chamber (GBC), who said it will “ensure and secure the development of certain economic sectors on the island”.

In a statement released this afternoon, the GBC also positively noted the signing of an agreement between the three telecom operators on the operation of this link.

“This was a proposal which the Chamber had advocated for a number of years,” it said. “Seeing this proposal being implemented is an important milestone, which will ensure and secure the development of certain economic sectors on the island.”

The GBC said, “The importance of this second fibre optic link lies in the fact that it will provide the required redundancy, providing ease of mind to those willing to invest in the digital sector in Gozo.”

The Gozo business lobby said the pandemic has shown the importance of diversifying the Gozitan economy, which is over-reliant on certain economic sectors such as tourism.

The second fibre optic link also complements another important investment, which is the Digital Innovation Hub in Xewkija.

To this end the Chamber believes that this second fibre optic link will help to attract companies in the digital sector to set up business in this Hub, creating an ecosystem of businesses in this sector, which will also impact positively local economic operators.

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