The Embassy hotel, which recently opened its doors, welcomed the Prime Minister for a visit where hotel management expressed its satisfaction about the reopening of the tourism market and and hope for a busy season ahead. 

During a visit to the Embassy Valletta Hotel, Prime Minister Robert Abela met with staff who expressed enthusiasm about the fact that they were picking up the routine once again.

The four-star hotel is the largest one in Valletta, and it forms part of an ambitious project undertaken at the Embassy complex.

With an investment of almost €13 million, the project included the renovation of 11 storeys, with the Embassy Hotel including 81 rooms, two restaurants, a bar, a conference room, a temperature-controlled rooftop pool that can be used year-round, and beauty and fitness rooms.

In the lower levels there remain six cinema halls, with a small one that can be rented out for private screenings, as well as several shops that took the opportunity to increase their floorspace.

The Prime Minister remarked that operators are optimistic about a better future, while remaining cautious in light of the still-ongoing pandemic.

“I gave my word that Government support will continue, and that we should not give up, as evidenced also by the investment undertaken in this complex,” he said.

Managing director Bettina Azzopardi said that the project reflects the company’s vision to create a modern and comfortable space for accommodation and recreation in the heart of the capital.

“We are optimistic that now that the tourism market has reopened, the hotel will be the ideal place for those visiting our country and who want to explore our history and culture while experiencing life in the capital.”

She continued, “The demand we are experiencing for the coming months is very encouraging, and we expect to have a successful summer.”

Ms Azzopardi added that the hotel, cinemas and shops offer an opportunity for those Maltese who wish to experience a different aspect of their country.

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