Local manufacturing firm Elepac will be relocating to its new factory in Ħal Far from Bulebel as part of an investment €13 million, through which some 35 new jobs will be created.

This was announced by Minister for the Economy and Industry Silvio Schembri during his visit to the new factory at Ħal Far where works are being carried out.

INDIS Malta is supporting the company’s relocation from its current facilities in the Bulebel industrial area to a more adequate, modern and larger building, which will be optimising on all the space available by adopting a multilevel building concept.

In fact, Elepac operated in an area of 12,000 square metres at its Bulebel facility. In Ħal Far, although the area of land is 9,000 square meters, by means of the multilevel concept, Elepac will be operating in an area of 14,500 square meters, larger than that of Bulebel.

“Elepac is a clear example of the vision we would like to see our country's businesses take up. A company that has adopted and adapted to today's challenges by engaging in new operational methods that boost production by 15 per cent. A project that shows how businesses should adopt a change in their thinking to immediately adapt in a bid to secure their future", said Minister Schembri.

The Minister said that the €13 million investment include €8.4 million for the relocation, which will create about 35 new jobs, €4.2 million towards new equipment, and €625,000 in machinery.

“All this will place the company in a much better position to meet the growing demand for its injection moulding-related products, mainly for the industries of electronics and toys", he said.

Elepac exports to European markets such as Italy, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, and the United Kingdom, and it has been successful in doing business in Singapore and Texas in the United States. It is also exploring business opportunities in North Africa, particularly Morocco.

Elepac's Chief Executive Officer Joseph Borg pointed out that in recent years the company invested in a plant and machinery and will be investing further through the relocation and the purchase of new machinery.

“We look forward to moving to the new facilities. Our current operations will occupy about 70 per cent of the factory space, leaving ample room for growth in both production and employment,” he said.

“The shareholders and the board look forward to group's continued investment programme over the coming years, which will certainly improve the group's competitiveness and sustainability."

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Department of Information - Omar Camilleri

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