The success of eeetwell is the stuff of any franchise founder’s dreams. Since launching his first outlet in 2016, CEO Ammar Soltan has now overseen the expansion of his health food brand to 20 outlets spread across Malta and Gozo. What’s more, Ammar has taken his health food revolution overseas with outlets in Dubai, Belgium, France, and the latest additions in Libya and a new location on London's iconic Portobello Road.

Starting a health-focused fast-food joint in Malta—an island traditionally known for its hearty, calorie-rich cuisine—was far from a sure bet. But Ammar Soltan saw a rising interest in healthier food, spurred by an influx of foreign nationals coming to live and work in Malta, who were craving more than the simple salads that were the most common healthy option readily available at the time. Rather than merely capitalise on a gap in the market, Ammar was particularly keen to create a brand that provides a greater variety of tasty healthy food while also working to actively raise awareness on healthy eating. He believes this commitment, more than anything else, has been the true secret to eeetwell’s rapid growth.


“Over the past few years, we have been witnessing a growing awareness and enthusiasm for healthy eating in Malta, especially among locals. We are happy to see people changing the way they think about food. More and more individuals are recognising that healthy food can be fun, tasty, and just as craveable as less healthy options. This shift is driven by a growing understanding that nutritious meals do not have to compromise on flavour or enjoyment,” Ammar shares, adding that they have adopted the same strategy in each new territory in its mission to promote healthy, sustainable eating on a global scale.

The chain’s success has certainly not gone unnoticed, with Ammar pointing to a noticeable increase in the number of local brands offering healthy food options, including some direct competitors. Overall, however, he sees this growing competition as a good sign: “While it's true that some of these new players have closely mirrored our approach, we are genuinely pleased to see that healthy eating is becoming more accessible and mainstream within our local communities.”

Building on the growing momentum and good will towards the eeetwell brand, Ammar explains that he and his team have also been striving to create more of a community around the brand, inviting customers to shape its offerings through collaborative product co-creation.

“We love involving customers in developing new menu items, ensuring their tastes and preferences are reflected in our offerings,” Ammar explains. “Additionally, we host exclusive launch events for our loyalty subscribers, partners, creators, and friends, allowing them to experience our new menu items first. These initiatives not only show our appreciation but also create a sense of community and belonging, making our customers feel valued and connected to our brand.”

Recently, the brand has continued to refresh its menu offerings, looking to find creative ways to reflect local preferences through locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. This spring, they introduced the Frawli-Feta Salad and the Strawberry Sunrise smoothie, both featuring strawberries sourced from local farms in Mgarr. Looking ahead to summer, they also have plans to incorporate locally sourced watermelon and a variety of fresh vegetables into their menu.


Beyond simply reflecting customer preferences, eeetwell has been making a significant impact through its increased focus on ESG initiatives. Last year, for example, eeetwell donated all sales from two days in September to support Morocco and Libya relief efforts following a catastrophic earthquake and floods. Ammar explains, “This initiative stemmed from our commitment to supporting communities in need during crises. The funds provided essential supplies, medical aid, and supported rebuilding efforts. By partnering with local organisations, we ensured aid reached those most affected. As much as possible, we aim to make a positive impact and inspire others to support those in need.”

And while sustainability has always been central to eeetwell's mission, Ammar states that the brand is continuing to find new ways to better implement green initiatives. By using biodegradable and recyclable packaging, they are significantly reducing their environmental footprint. In terms of shipping, Ammar points out that eeetwell has optimised and streamlined its supply chain to ensure that all deliveries are as efficient and eco-friendly as possible, which is simultaneously enabling them to secure better pricing on high quality ingredients, mitigating the impact of rising costs.


“As we continue to grow as a brand, we recognise that this gives us greater opportunity to have even more of an impact through our ESG efforts,” Ammar explains. “Our long-term goals include partnering with urban farms and integrating green technologies in our stores. We want to set new standards in the food industry by reducing waste and innovating our supply chain. Furthermore, we have plans to host educational programmes and community events, to empower people to make choices that benefit their health and the planet.”

With their recent global outlets in North Africa and London performing “exceptionally well” since their opening, the team is now focussed on improving brand loyalty to attract new patrons and solidify eeetwell's presence in these highly competitive markets. Still, there seem to be no signs of slowing down, with the team gearing up for the launch of a new version of its loyalty app, new menu items right on time for summer, and further expansion into new markets,

“We are excited to share that eeetwell plans to open outlets in the USA, UAE, and Saudi Arabia in the near future. These new locations will allow us to bring our fresh, healthy, and sustainable eating concept to even more people around the globe,” Ammar shares, adding that while each new outlet promises the same great quality and freshness that has become synonymous with eeetwell, they aim to collaborate with local suppliers and stakeholders to ensure each menu reflects regional tastes and preferences.

Reflecting on the journey so far and the vision for the future, Ammar concludes: “We’re very proud of how far we’ve come and remain dedicated to promoting healthy eating and sustainable practices on a global scale. More and more, we will build on our community-centric approach to foster meaningful relationships with people in new markets.”

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Ammar Soltan

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