Corinne Fenech has joined the ranks at Street HR as Strategic Partner specialising in customer experience, innovation and operational efficiency.

Announcing the move on social media, Ms Fenech said that her areas of specialisation will be new added services that the company offers to its clients, alongside a wide range of People Development services that already make up the company’s portfolio provided by a professional team.

“I am lucky to form part of a human organisation that not only preaches, but practices honesty, respect and trust with all its stakeholders from employees to customers,” Ms Fenech wrote.

“Times are turbulent, but these are the times where organisations show their true colours. I truly believe that the organisations which will survive this, are the ones who collaborate towards for a better future for all, so I look forward to my contribution.”

Previously, Ms Fenech worked at GO for over 18 years in several customer-centric roles.

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Corinne Fenech / LinkedIn

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