A consortium of Maltese entities that includes companies like RSM Malta, Merqury Cybersecurity Limited, Melita Limited and Umnai has embarked on project Physical Security for Public Infrastructure in Malta (PRISM) that aims to show how quantum-secured communication can improve the security and robustness of Maltese technological infrastructure.

On 11th May University of Malta Rector, Alfred J. Vella, used a locally designed quantum-secure communication system to speak via video call with Simon Montanaro, Chief Technical Officer of Melita Limited as part of a public demonstration. 

The security system was developed by Mercury Cybersecurity Limited, a Maltese private company founded in 2022 by André Xuereb, that works on quantum research technology at the university of Malta. According to the telecommunications company the video call system uses quantum mechanics to create a communications link that protects the data fully while it is being transmitted over the internet.

Prof Vella explained that “the interesting and ‘mysterious’ concept of communicating securely through quantum phenomena which can be critical to certain applications. I am also extremely proud of the researchers at UM who are key in the development of this infrastructure.”

Mr Montanaro also expressed his satisfaction with the project: “We are thrilled about the successful demonstration of a quantum-encrypted video call, an initial use case of quantum technologies on an existing telecommunications network between the UM in Msida and the Melita Data Centre in Madliena. Future phases will see more sophisticated use cases enabled by these quantum technologies over a larger portion of Melita’s fibre infrastructure, both locally and internationally.”

Prof Xuereb added that “the work that we are doing in Malta is essential to the development of advanced quantum communication technologies, since it is helping to bring them to a point where they can be integrated seamlessly into the networking infrastructure.”

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Chief Technical Officer of Melita Limited | Simon Montanaro

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