Rocksteady is an innovative, cutting-edge, digital agency based in Malta. The unique blend of expertise and knowledge across the world of technology, creativity, and marketing enables the award-winning digital marketing agency to create strategies and campaigns which truly transform brands and organisations, opening up possibilities, inspiring audiences, attracting customers, and generating sales. Delving into the ways in which technology is shaping the world today, Rocksteady are ambitious to create innovative ideas through building brands, products, and experiences.

Founded in 2015, Rocksteady is the creative agency that focuses on producing integrated and transformational strategies across the entire digital space. Bold thinkers, delivering digital marketing campaigns that break through the noise and connect with customers based on the clients’ strategic goals. Rocksteady provides services that deliver results and fuel business growth, helping their clients drive engagements, increase conversions, acquire new customers, and increase profitability.

The approach is data-led, and 100% audience focused, which allows the technology-driven organisation to solve problems in the most impactful and measurably effective way for each client. From developing cost-effective solutions and bespoke applications to complex software, designed for specific vertical or horizontal use-cases across all sectors.

The company forms a team of creators that live and breathe digital, uniting some of the most skilled, passionate, and inquisitive minds in the industry. People who really care about making a difference, and who clients genuinely enjoy working with.

Rocksteady’s multicultural and multidisciplinary talents from around the world are inspired to formulate unique and powerful solutions for an ever-changing digital landscape. The best thing about the company is the culture and the values they follow, working with people who trust their instincts and are just as bold with their vision as they are.

Co-Founder, Managing Director & Chief Technical Officer: Ben Pace Lehner

Co-Founder, Managing Director and Business & Startup Advisor : Alan Cini

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