Since 1983, Rayair Automation Ltd has been supplying automation solutions to its clients to increase their productivity output and lower their costs.

In the late 1980s, the company manufactured, assembled, and commissioned an assembly line, over 30 metres long, to assemble television units. At that time, this type of machinery was unique for Malta. This success brought with it growth and Rayair invested in workforce, machinery and new premises to cater for new clients both locally and overseas.

Over the years, Rayair invested in software and machinery to cater for the clients’ needs. In fact, its workshop is equipped with a three-axis machining centre along with other machinery. Its offices are equipped with the latest CAD-CAM software to produce more efficient designs along with 3D visuals for its clients.

In recent years, Rayair also invested in an R&D department, where one can find two 3D printers along with a vision-guided SCARA robot.

Over the past 35 years, Rayair has commissioned fully automated assembly, which turns several components into one final product. Apart from fully assembly automation, Rayair, has designed, manufactured and commissioned vision inspection automation, vision-guided packaging automation and other custom automations.

Its new workshop and new offices cover a total area of over 800 square metres. Through this investment, Rayair hopes to continue serving its local and foreign clients while attracting new clients to its portfolio. It keeps innovating its products to enhance its position as the leading Maltese company in automation.

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