After Marvin Gauci successfully ran his first restaurant, Wild Thyme, for four years, in 2007 he went on to found the Marvin Gauci Group, and introduced the island to a refined continental dining experience with his boutique eatery Tarragon, in St Paul’s Bay, which shone as his leading torch, winning numerous prestigious awards across various categories.

Tarragon led to the opening of a more elegant dining concept, Caviar & Bull in 2014 and, just two years later, the Caviar & Bull flag was also hoisted in Budapest.

In the meantime, two new concepts were added to Chef Gauci’s estimable repertoire: the adventurous and zesty Buddhamann and the adrenaline-rushing Dinner In The Sky.

Boasting authentic flavours and aromas from the Far East, Buddhamann’s adventurous take on dining gained popularity and recognition rapidly, winning the chef/owner and his team accolades for their unique concept and impeccable service.

Buddhamann’s spirit now lives on in Susurrus; a South American adaptation which was built in Buddhamann’s place after a tempest in February of 2019 saw its destruction.

Dinner In The Sky Malta, introduced in 2016, brought the island an unrivalled, adrenaline-rushing experience of food. On a platform hoisted 40 metres off the ground, patrons indulge in an unforgettably exquisite seven-course meal complemented with free-flowing wine and a breath-taking, unobstructed panoramic view of the idyllic surroundings.

Mr Gauci, who was named Ambassador of Gastronomy, continues to offer his personal touch, a secret ingredient in each of his every ventures.

Owner: Marvin Gauci

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