GO plc on Thursday announced six new productions will be available on GO TV between October and June 2023.

In an announcement, it also revealed that as part of the new productions, a programme named l-iSpettur Leonard is being added to the growing repertoire of shows available on GO TV.

After last April’s announcement of the return of iċ-Ċaqqufa’s fourth season shown exclusively on GO Originals, GO is set to continue increasing the productions available to GO TV customers through the new show, a spinoff from the Simpatiċi series that enjoyed enormous popularity years ago.

“This latest production which will also be made available exclusively for our GO TV customers confirms GO’s commitment to keep investing in Maltese TV productions to continue to bring our customers the exclusive Maltese content they love,” GO Senior Manager of Marketing Alison Mercieca said.

Ms Mercieca remarked that supporting six new productions involves plenty of work as well as close collaboration with various production companies.

L-iSpettur Leonard

“However, the overwhelming feedback we keep receiving from our customers continues to encourage us to continue investing in more local TV productions”, she continued.

Originally a character in the Simpatiċi series, a television production by Hermann Bonaci Productions that started in 1999, Inspector Leonard was a much-loved character, particularly due to his grumpy antics, which still made him very amiable.

Rodney Gauci, one of the producers of l-iSpettur Leonard, recalled how the idea for this spinoff emerged during a BBQ with Brian Farrugia, who plays the Inspector Leonard character.

“We were writing a song for a pantomime, and we came to the realisation that Malta once again needs some good comedy to lighten up the spirit,” Mr Gauci said.

He added that the Inspector Leonard character still has a “cult following in Malta”, and so bringing the character back to life with new adventures “felt the most natural thing to do”.

“After many months of thought and careful preparation, what started as an idea is now about to be launched and we are very proud that this project will be an exclusive GO Originals production,” Mr Gauci said.

This new production will be available later this year on GO’s Tokis, a library of Maltese movies and series that as of today has more than a thousand hours of content to watch.

“At GO we want to keep bringing more added value to our loyal customers and this is why we shall remain committed to investing in our TV offering,” Ms Mercieca concluded.

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