Many take April Fools' Day as an opportunity to prank friends and colleagues. This year April Fools' Day was especially perfect to beat the Monday blues.

Even businesses aren’t immune to spreading some banter. On Monday, local businesses took to social media to spread some smiles. While some people didn’t catch on, others were quick to point out that some products were a joke while also stopping to appreciate the efforts of the marketing campaigns.

Here is a rundown of some of the most epic pranks, carried out by local brands:

CISK trainers, new on the market / Facebook 

1) Cisk trainers

CISK  joined the fun and advertised a pair of yellow trainers with a very visible CISK on the side. While many were not so keen on the bright yellow colour and the bold branding, many were disappointed that this was a joke.

“Please tell me it’s not a joke!” one commented. Others drew comparisons to Lidl, which not so long ago had come out with its own iconic line of shoes and socks with Lidl branding.

The upside-down Burger / Facebook

2) The upside-down Burger King: A joke and a dig

“More upside down than ever before!” Burger King was feeling extra cheeky this Monday.

Sharing a picture of the original King Crispy, but upside down, the burger franchise shared that it is introducing a special burger, a flipped over tendercrip patty, lettuce tomatoes and its “signature” flippedonaise sauce.

While the prank sounds innocent, it cheekily made reference to its rival, McDonalds’ very own upside down McCrispy burger

The new Maypole candle / Facebook 

3) A Ħobża tal-Malti scented candle

Jumping on the band wagon, Maypole introduced a never-before-seen bread scented candle.

“Now, you can bring the warm, comforting scent of a bakery right into your home, with just a flick of a match,” Maypole wrote in its post on Facebook.

To make it more convincing and attractive, Maypole detailed that the candle will fill homes with the delicious fragrance of freshly baked bread, “with no oven and cooking required.”

While many also recognised that this is a joke, lots of comments were pleased with the idea. A commenter was quick to say that she would never buy one herself, the smell would be too irresistible.

Traveling in style / Facebook

4) ‘Your Porsche will be arriving in two minutes’

Have you ever dreamed of going to the airport in style? Specifically driven in a Porsche? eCabs might take care of that, sort of.

Describing it as “the best joke of the day” eCabs “announced” that it wil be partnering Gauci Automobiles Co Ltd to introduce a fleet a new Super Cars.

The Super+ option would be available on Tuesday (tomorrow) to get around ready to whisk you away in no time.

Will you be trying it? / Facebook

5) Hooked at first bite

Here’s a first: Lampuki flavoured ice-cream available at SOTTOZERO The Gelato Factory. While both ice-cream and Lampuki merit five stars each, the combination would certainly be ‘riveting’.

“The quirky concoction is bound to have you hooked at first bite (pun intended). So come on down to any of our outlets and dive into a bowl of ocean-inspired goodness,” the ice-cream company said.

While these were the most eye-catching pranks of the day, it should be noted that McDonalds did come up with a concoction of its own.

'This is not a joke' / Facebook

It’s not the first time that customers dipped its fries into its sundae. Now, McDonalds is selling a Mc Flurry with Bacon while insisting that “it is not a joke.”

The one-day exclusive ice-cream has caused a lot of debate in the community. Some love it, others hate it. will be petitioning to McDonalds to keep it permanently and introduce other flavours such as: Pickle McFlurry. Or will we?

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