Henry Zammit, Office Manager and Franchise Owner at Ben Estates Elite, shared on LinkedIn, that he is celebrating his 12th year in the real estate industry.

Mr Zammit said it is incredible to be reflecting on his journey, “that began with a simple abition for more.”

“Starting out from Stragel, I never imagined that this opportunity would ignite a deep passion within me. Through all the highs and lows, I can confidently say that choosing real estate has been the best decision I’ve made,” Mr Zammit added.

He explained that the road wasn’t always smooth sailing, but the challenges along the way pushed him to grow and evolve. Every sale, negotiation and client, he said, has taught him an “invaluable” lesson that shaped him both on a personal and professional level.

But what’s next for Mr Zammit? He remarks that this is just the beginning. As he embarks on his 12th year in real estate, he is “filled with excitement” for what lies ahead. “I can’t wait to continue serving my clients with dedication, integrity and a genuine love for what I do.”

While he thanked everyone for the support, he said that their trust and belief fuelled his passion and determination. “I am beyond grateful for all the experiences and the amazing people I’ve had the privilege to work with.”

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