ANCHOVY Studios plc and NIU Limited have completed their long-awaited merger to form 9HCapital plc, the newly-formed company announced on Thursday (today).

This comes after in 2022, Zak and Benji Borg, Co-Founders of ANCHOVY plc, along with James Abela and Matthew Sammut, Co-Founders of NIU Ltd, announced the formation of a comprehensive technology and digital services group, known as 9H Capital Ltd.

After further discussions between the shareholders in 2023, a decision was taken so that the ownership of NIU Ltd would be fully transferred to ANCHOVY Studios plc, which in turn would be owned by 9H Capital, itself ultimately owned by ANCHOVY Studios plc and NIU Ltd’s current shareholders.

In the most recent announcement, ANCHOVY Studios plc’s name formally changed to 9HCapital plc.

The company’s authorised share capital changed from €500,000 divided into 453,000 ordinary shares of €1 each, 34,780 ordinary ‘A’ shares of €1 each and 12,220 ordinary ‘B’ shares of €1 each to €500,000 divided into 406,000 ordinary shares of €1 each, 47,000 ordinary ‘A’ shares of €1 each, and 47,000 ordinary ‘B’ shares of €1 each.

The issued share capital has also increased from €47,000 split into 34,780 ordinary ‘A’ shares of €1 each and 12,2200 ordinary ‘B’ shares of €1 each to €94,000 being equally divided into 47,000 ordinary ‘A’ and 47,000 ordinary ‘B’ shares, all at €1 each.

After these changes, the company is now owned equally by ZBC Holdco Limited and MJO Holdco Limited, in turn ultimately owned by the Borg brothers, Christopher Mifsud, Mr Abela, Mr Sammut and Omar Tanti in their respective shareholding.

In addition to this, Mr Abela and Mr Sammut have been appointed Directors of the company.

In a separate announcement, 9HCapital also stated that Joseph Sultana and Etienne Borg Cardona have been appointed Non-Executive Directors of the company, replacing Lawrence Gonzi and Julian Mamo, who have both resigned from the position. Mr Sultana has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors and Dr Borg Cardona has been named Chairman of the Audit Committee.

The company has also shifted its registered address to 53, Tigne Street, Sliema, SLM 3170, and also changed its website and email addresses.

9HCapital is an end-to-end digital company that offers the market a holistically integrate talent base to build and boost their digital transformation journeys. It consists of a group of over 70 creative and tech-savvy individuals, with the mission to “break through the boundaries of conventional thinking.”

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From left: Benji Borg, Matthew Sammut, Zak Borg, and James Abela / 9H Capital

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