Local leading property sales company, Zanzi Homes, has just launched its First Time Buyers Guide, filled with insider hints and tips for those who are about to start their journey into buying their first home.

Zanzi Homes said that the financial, logistical, legal and personal circumstances are placed under a microscope with the aim of ensuring readers receive a clear and holistic view of what it means to buy their first property.

“When dealing with our customers, we try our utmost to put ourselves in their shoes”, says Paul Trapani Galea Feriol, Head of Sales at Zanzi Homes.

“We are often asked about the process from viewing properties to signing the final deed. We feel it is our duty to ensure our customers feel comfortable every step of the way and we felt compelled to put this guide together”, he continues.

The company said it understands that the process of buying a first property can feel overwhelming and that it is convinced working with agents helps customers feel more secure throughout the experience.

Following internal consultation from its property specialists, the key link between the company and its clients, a comprehensive guide was designed and made available to anyone who wishes to become acquainted with how to buy a house.

Together with useful tips, the guide also introduces its readers to “the outstanding package of benefits first time buyers received when engaging Zanzi Homes in buying their property”.

With a total package exceeding €13,000, Zanzi Homes customers, the company says, can save on essential products and services typically required when buying a new house. These benefits include offers and discounts on PV Panels, home insurance policies, notarial fees, rooftop garden project fees as well as gym memberships and discounts on new cars.

“We consider the home-buying process to continue post the singing of the final contract and our guide and package make sure we are part of this journey all along the way. We invite anyone interested to know more about this to download our guide today and to get in touch should they require further guidance”, Mr Trapani Galea Feriol concludes.

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