With 10 years’ experience in the fraud and credit control sections of an international company, Richard Padovani identified a gap in the Maltese market for a company offering credit control and debt collection services. That motivated him to set up Credit Mediation Services Ltd, an industry leader which, in 2015, became an exclusive partner of Global Credit Solutions.

“I focus to better understand customers’ individual needs, managing a team of employees, surpassing not only internal targets but even those set by clients to improve debtor days outstanding. I do this by offering clients tailor-made services based on their unique requirements, keeping mediation as my primary aim,” he explains.

His success with Credit Mediation Services, coupled with a strong business network and a background in accounting, led Mr Padovani to work on several energetic and innovative projects.

Between 1990 and 2013, Mr Padovani worked for Vodafone, first as Accounts and Billing Executive, then as Fraud Revenue and Control Manager and then Credit Control Manager.

Get in touch: rpadovani@credmed.com.mt

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