Matthew Castagna has been involved in transport and logistics for over 20 years, acquiring a wealth of knowledge in the field, leading him to take up the position of Sales Manager at Sullivan Shipping.

“For the past 13 years, I saw the company flourish with the enthusiasm to continue growing both in the local and overseas markets. To achieve this, together with my team, we focused a lot on product quality, customer service and competitive pricing on the three major transport pillar modes: sea, road, and air,” he asserts.

The Sullivan family has been active in various sectors of the maritime industry from as early as 1888. Its  experience spans the height of the steam ship era in the late 19th century, which revolutionised the carriage of passengers and cargo, to the large ocean liners/carriers and highly specialised vessels that characterise today’s global trade.

The family business’s maritime traditions, combined with its drive for innovation, shaped the organisation throughout the years and is today the basis of its holistic service approach.

Today, Sullivan Shipping represents the interests of some of the world’s leading ship owners.

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