Having graduated and specialised in information systems, Karl Cilia formed part of IBM’s Global Services team, focusing on Utilities Business Systems for almost four years. Whilst furthering his education in Management and Business Administration, he later occupied a managing consultancy role in spearheading the implementation of the end-to-end nationwide Smart Metering project for both electricity (Enemalta) and water (Water Services Corporation) in 2011. “This, which made Malta the first nationwide smart energy and water grid in the world, was later recognised as one of IBM’s top 100 icons of progress,” he asserts.

In 2015, Mr Cilia joined Enemalta to head its distribution systems directorate, focusing primarily on all smart meter-to-cash operations and process re-engineering, mainly to drastically reduce non-technical losses. He was subsequently appointed as a member of the Board of Management within Enemalta and, three years later, served as Executive Director of Operations, responsible for the nationwide electricity distribution network, until 2021.

Mr Cilia was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Water Services Corporation in summer 2022.

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