Jonathan Bellizzi has been in the banking industry for more than 17 years, covering various roles including operations, product, project, relationship management and business development.

“I have been Chief Executive Officer of Lidion Bank plc (formerly known as AgriBank plc) since 2019. I have spearheaded the transformation of the bank into the valued entity it is today. In my role, I am tasked with leading the bank’s growth, ensuring that we not only remain compliant with regulations but also exceed our customers' expectations,” he explains.

His role involves setting strategic goals, leading the management team, nurturing a dynamic culture and, ultimately, taking key decisions that direct the bank’s growth and stability. Moreover, he engaged with various stakeholders, from regulators to customers and partners.

“My responsibility,” Mr Bellizzi asserts, “extends beyond balance sheets and financial metrics; it also encompasses the well-being of our employees and the trust of our customers.”

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