Joanna Polidano has been working as a Letting Consultant with Dhalia for the close to four years.

“I started my experience alongside my full-time job, always with the intention to do this job on a full-time basis,” she says. “It was a big change for me since I had always worked in the manufacturing sector, which is a totally different environment. Today, I work full-time as a Letting Consultant, focusing mostly on the southern region of the island.

“I always loved property and like meeting people, so, with all its ups and downs, as any other job, I think it’s the right job for me.”

Ms Polidano won Dhalia’s Top Letting Consultant Award for the year 2020, after just two years in the industry, and that further encouraged and motivated her to pursue her career in real estate.

“I look forward to increasing my list of satisfied clients through excellent service and professionalism,” she asserts.

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