Godwin Micallef is the Founder and Managing Director of ASAG Plastics Ltd, which was set up in 1994.

“I am responsible for setting the overall direction and strategy for the company while overseeing all its operations and the development of its core technology and infrastructure.

“The company manufactures high quality products, working hand in hand with its clients. It has produced millions of plastic components that have travelled around the world over the past 26 years,” Mr Micallef says.

From its very beginning, ASAG Plastics Ltd was entrusted with big projects such as producing Chanel compact powder cases as well as Playmobil structural components of the iconic figure.

Over the course of years, the company grew its operational capacity and diversified its main activity to Tampo printing.

To ensure its products are up to standard, with zero defects and precise conformance to requirements, ASAG Plastics Ltd has built an in-house quality assurance department which oversees all operations from production to administration and delivery. As a testament of this, the company has achieved two ISO certifications, which serve as proof that the intention is to continuously improve and measure its results.

Get in touch: admin@asagplastics.com

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